Auto Injuries

Auto Accident Injury Treatment from your Newnan Chiropractor

At the time of this entry, Dr. Steingraber is one of eight clinicians in Georgia with Advanced Certification in Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. The Spine Research Institute of San Diego is one of the premier organizations in the world that provides research and education in the area of spinal health and injury prevention. In addition to their own research, they constantly monitor and synthesize the world literature with regards to trauma due to auto injuries.

Along with evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for personal injuries due to auto collisions, Dr. Steingraber provides educational talks with regards to recent research validating soft tissue injuries. His library of research is vast and invaluable for up to date patient care and prevention. In addition his knowledge of relevant research can be invaluable for attorneys when dealing with disingenuous insurance companies who try to minimize affects to injured parties.

Options of Payment

  1. We can bill your appropriate insurance company
  2. Most auto policies have a med pay option which is no fault insurance for health care treatment. It is against the law to raise insurance rates when you choose to use your med pay coverage when you are not at fault for a collision. We can bill your auto insurance direct.
  3. We accept attorney liens and will await payment for most services rendered when your settlement is disbursed.
  4. Cash, credit cards are accepted.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "When I first went to DR. Steingraber I I could not play a round of golf because of my lower back pain. After one month under Dr Steingraber I went back to golfing. That was app. 11 years ago. Keeps me glued together."
    Sam H.
  • "Dr. Steingraber and his staff, are always pleasant, smiling and accommodating. Dr. Steingraber is very knowledgeable and has treated my back and neck with great success. I would recommend him highly."
    Joe N.
  • "After a period of intense visits due to a flare up of my back injury in May of 2016, I am now on a maintenance routine which obviously improves my mobility. Prayer, and the work by Dr. Craig has enabled me go from barely walking to do 'within limits' most anything I desire. I am not totally pain free but what a difference and I am not on any medications."
    Tony D.
  • "What a wonderful experience! I had suffered from back and neck pain for quite a while when a friend recommended Dr Steingraber. He thoroughly evaluated the cause of my discomfort and explained the best course of treatment. I feel so much better!"
    Angie B.
  • "Dr. Craig’s motto should be: “ Happy Back—Happy Life —-which is exactly what Dr. Craig provides for me.
    I like to rearrange the deck furniture, move plants around—-YES— out goes my back—-Get to Dr. Craig immediately—after a few adjustments—-Happy back, Happy life. A caring, place to releave pain and enjoying visiting with friendly staff."
    Yuvonne H.
  • "After 3 Back surgeries, I found Dr. Craig and something I thought would never work, changed my life. I feel better than I have felt in over 20 years. I am now working and playing golf again pain free. Dr. Craig's extensive medical background and sports knowledge are without equal. He made me a lifetime believer!"
    Mike S.
  • "Dr. Craig and his staff genuinely care about their patients and have big hearts. They have become like family to me over the years. I love them dearly and would highly recommend them to anyone with minor or chronic aches, pains, or ailments."
    Lynn K.
  • "We adore Missy, Dr Craig and the Staff!! Our whole family visits monthly!! kids Club is awesome!!"
    Taña L.